What Can CBD Oil Treat?

There are numerous benefits to using CBD oil, and it can be used to treat a wide variety of symptoms. If you or a loved one struggles with one or more chronic health conditions, it makes good sense to consider utilizing CBD oil as an option in your symptom management tool kit. If you aren’t already using it, it’s worth speaking with your doctor about at your next appointment. CBD oil can be used to help treat the following issues and help with the following conditions:

Pain Relief
CBD oil can be used in many cases for treatment of muscle and nerve pain. It’s relatively safe and nonaddictive to use, making it an excellent alternative to opiate medications that have been repeatedly over prescribed in the United States. According to Cannabis.net, individuals that struggle with chronic pain may find that they can use CBD oil as an alternative to get through the day, allowing them to manage their pain without becoming addicted to prescription medication.

Help for Depression and Anxiety
CBD oil can also be used to help individuals who struggle with day to day anxiety symptoms. Individuals who cope with these symptoms may need numerous prescription medications to help them handle their symptoms. However, often cbd oil can do the work of several prescription medications, if it is used in the correct dosage and application method. It’s important to work with a skilled natural healthcare provider to manage symptoms with CBD oil and not to go off of any prescribed medications until the symptoms are under control, however.

Treat Insomnia
Insomnia can be a tough symptom to manage. Individuals who can’t sleep find that they pace the floor throughout the night, and often only receive minimal relief from over the counter or prescription medications. CBD oil can help those who struggle with insomnia to get a full night of restful sleep, often the first that they’ve had in quite some time. It can take a little bit of time to dial in the correct dosage, but once it’s taken care of, many people find that they sleep better than they have their entire lives.

Help with Muscle Spasms
CBD oil works as an overall nervous system relaxant, depressing the reactions and helping the body to slow down and relax. This can be especially helpful for those with nervous system or muscle disorders that cause muscle spasms. Individuals with neuromuscular disorders or who experience muscle spasms as a symptom of another disease often see a marked improvement in their frequency and intensity of spasms after they begin taking CBD oil. This may mean that they need less pain medication, fewer muscle relaxants, and are also able to enjoy a better quality of life overall once they’ve started using the CBD oil.

If you’ve been dealing with ongoing symptoms of a health condition, but haven’t been able to get them fully under control with prescription or over the counter medication, CBD oil may be a great addition to your medicine cabinet. Talk to your healthcare professional today about adding it to your routine.